Downdraft Tables

Deburring, grinding, dry buffing, polishing, and sanding operations produce dust, smoke, and odors, in addition to small and large particles. Aercology AerTABLES™ or downdraft tables remove those by-products by pulling contaminants away from the operator. Choose an AerTABLE™ when operators need to work on top of a surface. Aercology offers a variety of AerTABLES™. Each workstation offers a slotted, metal surface, but has unique features and specifications to meet individual requirements.

AT 800 Downdraft table
AT 800

AT 800

This ergonomically designed unit is compact and portable. The AT 800 is easy to use — just plug into a standard 110-volt outlet and you are ready to work! Hinged side panels open to handle longer than normal pieces, and the metal frame is strong enough to handle a load of 50 lbs per square foot. Cotton sateen filter bags and a fluorescent light fixture are standard. AT 800 nominal CFM is 700.

AT 2000
The AT 2000 Downdraft Table pulls contaminants away from the operator.

AT 2000 & AT 3000
The AT incorporates high efficiency cartridge filtration with a rugged downdraft velocity air bench table. Both the AT 2000 and AT 3000 include three sidewalls with two hinged wing panels for extra long pieces. Choose AT 2000 and AT 3000 units when you have large space and CFM requirements. Units include fluorescent light, high efficiency DuraAer™ filter cartridges, automatic, self-cleaning, jet-pulse system, and high capacity dust drawer. Standard options include a scratch resistant work surface, and prewired controls with after-shift cleaning system. AT 1500 nominal CFM is 2000 and AT 3000 nominal CFM is 3000.

AerBench with sides.
Remote Table with Sides
AerBench™ Collection System
Aercology offers two bench models for remote dust and fume collection. The standard model has no sides, so it is ideal for multiple workers. The second style incorporates hinged wing panels and is perfect for containing dust particulate. Both models are suitable for buffing, grinding, polishing, and welding operations. AerBench systems can be ducted to other Aercology Air Filtration Systems for filtering and containing particles.

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