Die Cast Systems

The Aercology Die Cast system is a modular, six-stage mechanical filtration system. The system consists of three filter module assemblies. Module one houses the first-stage filters, including three banks of cleanable impinger prefilters mounted in series. Module two houses the second stage cleanable, metal mesh filter, a pleated multivee intermediate filter, and fourth-stage multi-pocket vee-bag filter. Module three houses the fifth-stage cleanable metal mesh filter and sixth-stage HEPA filter rated 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns.

All three modules are housed in industrial grade cabinets. If you need to change the filter arrangement, it's easy. Adaptable tracks allow for quick and simple modifications, and hinged access doors on both sides of the unit make for easy filter removal.

Aercology's ductless, modular system works directly with Mercruiser's die cast unit.

Two magnehelic gauges come standard with Aercology's Die Cast system. The first gauge measures the pressure drop across the impingers, metal mesh prefilter, multi-vee and vee-bag, and the second gauge measures the pressure drop across the metal mesh prefilter and HEPA filter. Motors range from 3 HP to 25 HP and the blowers are belt-driven with adjustable sheaves. Blowers for the 12,000 and 27,000 series are remote. Voltage is 460, 3-phase, 60 Hz unless otherwise specified. Options include a silencer to reduce blower exhaust noise and a hood to capture contaminants in the die cast area.

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