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At PDQ, We constantly strive to locate the highest production tools possible.  Our Philosophy is to use the best tools available at the fastest feed rates available to make our customers as profitable as possible.  We believe that premier products - delivered promptly at competitive pricing will insure a long-standing partnership with our customers.  Performance beyond expectation!    That is what we are all about.

Above, we show the SHREDDER line of honeycomb composite cutting tools.  These tools are designed to handle Kevlar, Nomex and other carbon fiber materials.  Their patented design provide exceptional finishes as well as clean cuts in these challenging materials.

PDQ provides high quality cutting tools, but also Quick Change Chucks, Vises and other products to insure that your machines are running, not shut-down due to change-over.

Hainbuch offers change-over times from rounds parts to hex to parts requiring expanding mandrels in just a few seconds.  Their concentricity is more than exceptional.  Te-Co workholding provides quick change vises for fast set up times as well as dramatic repeatability.  Contact us and we'll send you video of some of these products at work.

Rego-Fix PowerGrip rotary holding systems (shown right) holds shrink fit tolerances without the need of natural gas and heat to hold the tools.  With gas prices out of control, this system gives you confidence that you can control your costs associated with using high performance tooling systems. 

Rigibore Active Edge boring system is designed to link into your computerized gaging system and self-adjust the bore you are working on within one micron (.00004").  Smartbore is designed to enable an operator to quickly make manual micron adjustments on the cutting edge while it is still in the machine spindle!

These tools are only a glimpse of the products that we provide for aggressive machining in todays' metalworking.

Over the last 40 years we have continually strived to find unique tooling for specific needs.   This tremendous history of manufacturing solutions has made PDQ a premier supplier of high performance products.   We trust that you will find tooling here that you can't find anywhere else-at competitive prices.

What do you need today that you can't find?     Call us at 877-737-8665 to see if we can help find it for you!

ActiveEdge ™ 6The left is an ACTIVE EDGE self-adjusting boring tool.  The right is the SmartBore.Smartbore Adjuster and Boring Bar

Power Grip is replacing traditional shrink-fit systems.  No heat but better torque....(more)
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